Eco Hotels India brings together the credibility of international industry experts to run the show.
Together with their world experience and local knowledge, they provide the right foundation for an idea whose time has arrived.
Jay Krishnan

Jay Krishnan

Co-founder and Group CEO

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Suchit Punnose


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Daniela Wagner

Non Executive Director

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Axel Graenitz

Non Executive Director

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David Knower

Non Executive Director

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Vinod K. Tripathi

Executive Chairman

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Parag Mehta

Independent Director

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Indra Bhargava

Independent Director

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Vikram Doshi

Chief Financial Officer


MODULEX buildings allow for speedy, high quality, environmentally conscious modular hotel construction that will be tailored to meet Eco Hotels sustainability goals without compromising on guest experience.


Global modular construction company taking British modular construction technology to the Indian and Growth markets. Eco Hotels’ access to Modulex’s technology will enable it to rapidly roll out properties across India. It will deliver carbon neutral properties on a fixed cost and time guarantee with a delivery time of 52 weeks from order.

Construction has commenced and completion of the factory facility is expected to be completed by Q4 2023.